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AmaranthAgro Group, Russian Amaranth Cultivation and Processing Leader, Took Part in The Health of the Nation – the Basis for Russia's Prosperity All-Russian Forum on May 11-13 in Moscow

Research and Production Holding AmaranthAgro is a vertically integrated full-cycle company producing amaranth oil, gluten-free and high-protein grains, flour, cereals and amaranth flakes and holding patents for amaranth varieties and grain processing technology. The company presented its own booth as part of The Health of the Nation – the Basis for Russia's Prosperity All-Russian Forum. At the company's booth, the forum participants were able to learn about the company's products and developments in more detail. The company's experts also took part in a number of conferences, meetings and round tables delivering presentations on the unique properties of amaranth and its possible impact on the healthy lifestyle of Russians. They also spoke about the potential for the crop development in the Russian Federation and the value it may add to the development of the agricultural sector of the country. 

On the opening day of the forum, Ilya Vladimirovich Sincha, Deputy Director of the company, spoke at the “Preserving and Strengthening Public Health – A Strategic Task of Ensuring Sustainable Development and Stability of Russia” plenary session and informed about the progress of the investment project for a significant increase in amaranth planting and processing, which was launched in 2021, and also shared the company's ambitious plans until 2030. The speaker described the role of amaranth both in nutrition and the development of the agricultural sector of the Russian Federation in the regions and talked about the import substitution prospects. 

Irina Nikolaevna Schastlivenko, Head of Marketing Department, told the participants of the “Optimal Nutrition as the Key to the Health of the Nation” round table about the unique properties of amaranth and the range of its processing products.  The speaker specifically focused on explanations of the most significant advantages of the crop, which make it in demand for the creation of functional product lines, that is, high squalene content in amaranth oil, bioavailable calcium, balanced protein and no gluten. 

Lidiya Aleksandrovna Miroshnichenko, Director of Science, presented her report “Superfood. Amaranth in the Nutrition of Children and Adolescents” to the academic community. The speaker shared the results of research on the introduction of amaranth into the diet of children and adolescents diagnosed with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity, who follow a long-term gluten-free diet. According to the medical examination of children after the introduction of amaranth-flour porridge and pastry into the diet, there was a 4-fold decrease in ionized calcium deficiency and elimination of iron, zinc, copper, vitamin B6 deficiency. In addition, with the regular use of amaranth products in nutrition of children on a gluten-free diet with a violation of bone mineral density, positive dynamics and a reliable trend towards normalization of growth were also observed. 


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